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Rent Your Spare Room News Item

Disallowed Characters in the Add Room Descriptions

Some keyboard characters are not allowed in Rent Your Spare Room's Add Room description and title for security reasons.

Your Add Room description may only contain alphanumeric, spaces, under scores, commas, full stops, colons, apostrophises, exclamation marks and dashes etc.

Characters such as brackets, hashes, quotation marks, at sign, forward and back slashes, pound and dollar signs etc are not allowed.

We appreciate that you may want to discuss money in the description field, but you must omit the sign else the upload will produce an error message. If you do get the error message, simply check your Title and Description for disallowed characters and delete them.

Beware that copying and pasting into the description field from browsers and documents may embed hidden characters that are not obvious to see.

Thanks for all the feedback from users with regard to this issue. We have released as many characters as we feel is safe to do so and still allow you to produce a quality description.


Nick Admin

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  1. Rent Your Spare Room

    on   said 

    Due to constructive feedback some extra characters are now allowed, such as £ signs.
    This should make adding a room to rent a lot easier and less restrictive.

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