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Rent Your Spare Room News

Addition of Room Wanted Adverts

You can now search for tenants looking for rooms. The main search form now has two options “Search for a Room” and “Search for a Tenant”.

Tenants can list up to four Town/Cities of interest and will receive an email notification if a new room is added in one of their selected areas. Landlords can now search and retrieve their wanted ad and contact them if they so choose

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Photo size restriction removed

There is no longer a photo size restriction on the site. The server can now handle almost any size file, but of course it will still take a while to load. Once downloaded the server resizes and renames it for compatibility with the website.

The recommended format is JPG or JPEG, but it will accept other formats. We hope to see a lot more pictures on the site now this restriction has been lifted.

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Search results and room details now have a Last Update information date

Room search results and room details now have a Last Update information date. This extra information shows the date that the room was initially added. This date is revised each time the room details are updated via the Room Management area.

Since search results are listed in date order, updating your room details will therefore move your advert back to the top of any search results.

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Search results now in chronological order

Search results are now listed in chronological order. Previously the first rooms entered appeared at the top. Now the database for rooms available is getting so large, the order has been reversed so that the latest rooms available appear first.

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Compatibility with Internet Explorer 6

If you are still using IE6 then Rent Your Spare Room graphics may have transparency and alignment issues. Formatting generally may not be correct and the latest rooms sidebar feature may wrap down off the bottom of the viewable page.

The site is still full functional under IE6, but for presentation purposes we suggest you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or alternatively use Google Chrome. We have decided not to make the site backwardly compatible as it restricts our resolution detection features and some future developments we have for this site.

Thanks you to those who brought this issue to our attention. We are always happy to receive feedback and issues relating to this site.


Nick Admin

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