Large double room in West London needed

Large double room in West London needed

Last updated: 28th June 2012



My name is Monika and I'm looking for a good size double room in West London.
I've lived in Chiswick for the last 3 years and would like to stay as close to the area as possible.
I need a parking space, broadband, garden would be absolutely brilliant as I miss having some greenery in my life.
I'm a vegetarian, quiet, clean, non smoking and get along with people very easily.
I'm an actress but also work for a big corporation if not filming.

Thank you.



Contact name: Monika

Looking for: Double Room

In the following area(s)

Chiswick (Greater London)
Richmond Park (Greater London)
Mortlake (Greater London)
Barnes Bridge (Greater London)

Room Wanted from: 09/07/2012

Quick find Ref# RW280612195651